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Track Facts

Banking/Turns: 14
Distance: 0.75 miles
Shape: Oval


Richmond International Raceway 

Richmond International Raceway has one of the most storied histories in all of racing. NASCAR was founded in 1948 but racing at the facility started October 12, 1946 when Ted Horn drove an open wheel Champ Car to victory over a 1/2 mile dirt circuit. 
Seven years later, Lee Petty won the first NASCAR race at "Atlantic Rural Exposition Fairgrounds" on April 19, 1953. Three name changes and 50 years later, Richmond International Raceway, as it is now known, is home to some of the best racing in the country. 
Over the years, Richmond International Raceway has undergone several configuration and name changes. The 1/2 mile dirt track configuration was in existence from 1953 until it was paved in 1968 and measured at .625-mile. The track was re-measured three times over an 11-month period starting in April of 1969. The track's length was measured at .5625-mile, then back to .625 mile and finally, to a .542-mile track. The .542-mile measurement stayed until the track was completely reconfigured to a .75-mile oval in 1988. 


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Cup Race Record
Dale Jarrett 108.707 09|06|97
Busch Race Record
Dale Jarrett 104.928 09|08|95
Truck Race Record
Bob Keselowski 104.167 09|04|97

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Cup Qualifying Record
Brian Vickers 129.983 2004

Busch Qualifying Record
Kyle Busch 129.348 2004

Truck Qualifying Record
David Starr 126.648 2005


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